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【特徴】ジャンル 2Dハクスラアクションゲーム
魂チップ 武器「AED」には稀に「魂のチップ」が付与され、ミサイルを撃つ、雷を撃つなどといった様々な武器に変化する。

The girl awoke from a deep sleep. A world where everything was flooded and collapsed. It is a world where deformed monsters are spreading. This is a story about wandering in such a world. This is a game where you will be able to use a variety of weapons, such as the "AED" weapon, which is born from memories and important things. It shoots out the spiritual power. The only weapon that can interfere with the "swirley". Various unique weapons can be found in this game. Soul Chip The weapon 'AED' is rarely given a 'soul chip' and can be transformed into various weapons, such as shooting missiles or lightning. The world where someone's memories and other important things are turned into soul data that gives you power, a world where everything has been flooded and collapsed, a world where something has happened and everything has been flooded. You will wander through various worlds with the girl.  

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